COVID-19 Updates

April 13 2020 updated

Our office is closed to the public, but we have everyone working behind the scenes to help guide you through this difficult time and assist you with your coverage.

Please contact our office by phone or email, our contact list can be found here.

If you do not know your brokers name, please call 519-268-3731 and leave a message. Our team will direct your message to the correct person and you will be contacted back. You can also email your name, number or question to

Please be patient with our team as we navigate through these unprecedented circumstances. We will answer all of your calls or emails, it just might take a little longer than usual.

On April 8, 2020, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) released this press release stating “Insurers reducing insurance costs for Canadians: IBC members companies offer substantial consumer relief measures”

As all companies are not offering the same plan, we have put together a list of the companies that we represent and how they are handling COVID-19. This list will be updated automatically as the insurance companies introduce new plans.

The companies that have stated that you can change the use of your vehicle if you are no longer driving to work for the reduction in premium are noted with an asterisk (*). We have found that reducing the use of your vehicle to no longer driving to work has resulted in an average of $15.00 credit each month. If you would like to change the use of your vehicle, please email your name and policy number to

CAA, Gore and Travelers will be reducing your auto policy automatically. No change in use of the vehicle is necessary nor contact with our office.

Commercial Insurance

We recognize that many of our commercial client’s operations may have changed or temporarily ceased. Our commercial team is here to assist you with how those changes might affect your coverage and premiums.

Please be aware that there are policy conditions and warranties for businesses that are vacant or unoccupied. The permitted time for commercial vacancy or an unoccupied premises is generally 30 days. During this Covid19 crisis insurers are extending this time period with no affect on your coverages. However, as owner of the building or business you must have a competent person visit the premises at least every five days, record the inspection date and time, and ensure that all protective equipment like fire and burglary alarms, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems remain fully operational. If your business is closed during this Covid19 ordered shut down call or email to confirm your insurer’s position on vacancy and/or unoccupancy. For any commercial policy questions, please email